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The ArtHouse in Southport showcases Impressionistic Landscapes by Andrew Sharrock

The ArtHouse in Southport showcases Impressionistic Landscapes by Andrew Sharrock
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Fine Art photographer, Andrew Sharrock, is showcasing his latest ‘Impressionistic Landscapes’ at The ArtHouse in Southport town centre. 

He said: “All my images are inspired by the Sefton Coastline. During lockdown the local areas are all we had.”

Always impassioned by art from an early age, Andrew later revealed his appetite for Fine Art & Impressionism through his characteristically captured image creations.

Graduating as a mature student from Hugh Baird College in Bootle in 2019 with a Photography BA, Andrew eagerly grasped the opportunity then set by his Degree Course Leader to target his photography towards a new focus for his final honours project.

He said: “I was challenged to take my photography in a new direction. I was influenced to take on a different perspective to traditional landscapes. Right there and then, I was given new purpose and direction which deepened my relationship with photography and connected me even more with my inner creative spirit.”

Andrew’s confrontation with the ‘norm’ introduced him to the creative world of ‘Intentional Camera Movement’.  By slowing down shutter speed and using his camera as a paintbrush, Andrew was able to apply the illusion of movement to an otherwise still image. 

He said: “I always shoot free hand.  I never resort to a tripod as I want complete freedom of movement with the camera.  To reduce the time and provide the shutter delay needed to create my images, I use a Cokin 5 stopper filter.”

Panning his camera during a long exposure, Andrew’s intentionally blurred photographs add the dimension of inventively streaking the captured image.  Further experimentation with ICM has continued to engage Andrew on a personal journey of self-expression.

He said: “I have been using Intentional Camera Movement now for over two years, and I have not looked back. Stepping into the realms of the Fine Artist, abstract and impressionism has opened endless possibilities for creation. I want to produce work that many would consider to be beyond traditional photography. I believe Intentional Camera Movement in itself is an art form.  My camera becomes my canvas helping me create images that look as though they have been hand painted. This has well and truly elevated me. I feel the deeper I go the more I will discover, providing me with endless possibilities for thinking outside the box. I now believe that I have an even deeper relationship with my craft, environment and subject matter. These elements on their own excite me and I always look forward to stepping out to create work, fully embracing the opportunity.”

Southport Marine Lake by Andrew Sharrock

Southport Marine Lake by Andrew Sharrock

Living by the coast in the North West of England, Andrew is fortunate to have an inspirational local environment to match his photographic vision, literally on his ‘doorstep’.

He said: “A particular favourite time of the day for me to be creating images is at dusk for sunset. No matter the environment, the opportunity for creation is always there.

“Close to me are Ainsdale Pinewoods and the beautiful Sefton Coastline, which stretches for over 22 miles.”

With the unique Lake District also within easy reach, Andrew is certainly spoiled for photographic choice. Most of his work is created in these distinctive environments, and because of his enjoyment of these locations, his connection and relationship remains very deep with them and his craft.

 Certainly not a fair weather person, Andrew relishes capturing the moody skies along Sefton’s coastline, considering the rougher the conditions will only increase the dramatic value of his compositions. Andrew also incorporates ‘in-situ’ objects – Southport’s famous pier and the numerous shipwrecks on Sefton’s coastline – to provide historical interest, visual appeal and fascination.

Framing his compositions is an important consideration in their visual appeal.  “I particularly love placing the horizon in the middle of my images.  A great influence to me is Japanese photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto, who is renowned for travelling to different countries to photograph his distinctive seascapes.”

Andrew is also not averse to permitting his natural environment to spontaneously contribute the necessary motion within his captured imagery.

He said: “Another location in my hometown is the Marine Lake in Southport where some of the light reflections are truly beautiful.  A huge influence here is German photographer, Andreas Gursky, in his visual documentation of Hong Kong harbour.  Using the Marine Lake provides the opportunity to allow the environment to do the movement for you.  I tend not to move my camera at all which goes to show that you don’t always need to necessarily move your camera to achieve your desired results.  Equally, during stormy weather when the lake surface is very rough, ensures that the images I capture are very dramatic when using a delayed time on my exposure.”

Andrew’s singular approach to his imaginatively captured landscape photography stems from growing up in Southport.

He said: “Being artistic from a young age, and living on the coastline, shaped my vision from an early age.  Even before I began using a camera, my solid belief was that what we create was unique to ourselves.  It is why we are energized to create, to always strive forward and to evolve, continually refining ourselves as artists and loving what we do.  What we create is who we are.”

  • Andrew’s solo exhibition (22nd June – 3rd July) is at the ArtHouse, 65 Eastbank Street, Southport Tues through to Fri 10am3pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.

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