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Southport cafe dazzles with 7,000 new lights after being lit up ready for reopening

Southport cafe dazzles with 7,000 new lights after being lit up ready for reopening
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A popular cafe in Southport town centre is now sparkling, ready to welcome customers back after the national Covid lockdown. 

Remedy, which is situated in the Town Hall Gardens on Lord Street, has been decorated with 7,000 new lights by Southport-based firm IllumiDex UK Ltd

Earlier this month IllumiDex completed the impressive project to turn the historic mile-long Lord Street into “a boulevard of lights” with 300,000 new bulbs strung across 80 trees. The Southport BID initiative, with financial support from Southport Town Deal, is designed to create an attractive environment for people to enjoy shopping, dining, drinking and visiting the town centre. 

Remedy on Lord Street has now paid IllumiDex to help dazzle its customers. IllumiDex has been busy during the past few weeks providing new lighting for a number of both commercial and residential projects, lighting up businesses as well as people’s homes and gardens. 

IllumiDex owner Steve Clayton said: “We made sure that the colour of the new lighting at Remedy matches the lights in the trees along Lord Street. 

“We have installed 70 sets of lights on the roof of the building. The owner, Susannah Porter, is made up with it. 

“We installed the lighting during the daytime, so we couldn’t wait to head back at night and see what it was like. We previously provided new lighting for The Pavilion

“With all the new lighting along Lord Street and at Remedy and other businesses, Southport is glowing! We also provided lighting at The Pavilion, which is also in the Town Hall Gardens. 

“Since we began the project to light up Lord Street, we have had lots of inquiries from people keen for us to light up their businesses or to wrap lights around trees in their homes or gardens. 

The lights along Lord Street in Southport

The lights along Lord Street in Southport

“With Covid restrictions easing soon, people are keen to create a beautiful outdoor environment ready for when everyone is ready to be able to meet up again.” 

Remedy, which has venues on Lord Street in Southport town centre and on Botanic Road in Churchtown Village, is “a perfectly placed retreat” for those who enjoy life’s little pleasures. 

The two licensed cafes, which both boast attractive outside seating areas, are famous for their artisan coffees, gins, whiskys, home-made cakes, and delicious food menus. 

Remedy owner Susannah Porter said: “IllumiDex has done a fantastic job with our new festoon lighting and roof lighting. 

“We are close to a huge tree on Lord Street which they have covered in lighting too, so the whole area is really lit up! It looks lovely. 

“We have ordered some new outdoor furniture too, so we are looking forward to reopening and welcoming back our customers. 

“It all looks fabulous. It is going to look amazing when we reopen. 

IllumiDex UK Ltd has provided new lighting at the Remedy cafe on Lord Street in Southport

IllumiDex UK Ltd has provided new lighting at the Remedy cafe on Lord Street in Southport

“I am just hoping we all get a really good Summer now! 

“All being well, we are looking forward to reopening Remedy on Lord Street from Monday, 12 April onwards. We have lots of outdoor seating available. 

“Remedy in Churchtown will open later, probably in May. 

“I am getting a lot of emails from people already asking if they can book tables. Not everyone understands that, due to the government restrictions, they won’t be allowed to sit inside from 12 April, only outside. People have been very keen to book outside tables with us during April. 

“We will be serving food when we reopen but it will be a reduced menu, we will be keeping it simple, but with lots of things for people to enjoy such as toasties, mugs of soup, things like that.

“We are looking forward to seeing everyone back with us again.”  

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