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Savoy Hotel trained chef opens the Bagel Bar on Lord Street in Southport

Savoy Hotel trained chef opens the Bagel Bar on Lord Street in Southport
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Harrison Brown of Southport has launched the all new Bagel Bar situated at 431 Lord Street, opposite Sainsbury’s.

This young chef & entrepreneur holds an interesting back story from The Savoy hotel to working with Southport’s own Marcus Wearing.

Harrison moved from Southport to London aged 19 where he began his culinary training working at the prestigious 5 star Savoy Hotel. It was here he learnt all the basics and classical French cookery techniques.

The Savoy, which appeared as a miniseries on ITV in late 2020, is famous for having lavish, extravagant rooms, world class service & top French fine dining cuisine. The Savoy is steeped in history being built and operated by Caesar Ritz with his chef partner Escoffier. Throughout the years the Savoy has hosted a wide range of celebrities, royalty & distinguished guests within its ball rooms & restaurants. Some of the most notable people include Winston Churchill, Marylyn Monroe & the Queen mother; even having her own side entrance to avoid the crowds.

Back in 2012 Harrison began his career, working alongside Head chef, Gerry Rae in ‘Simpsons-in-the-Strand’ one of the Savoy’s three restaurants which originated as a private chess club in 1828. It still to this day has the carvers wheeling the roast beef & lamb table side to carve for the guests. It is a true taste of London elegance.

Harrison worked his way up through the ranks at the Savoy throughout the years and gained the title of chef de partie. Harrison exclaims: “The Savoy was like school, it was better than any collage would have ever taught me on French classical cookery” It was here the young chef found his passion for cooking.

Moving forward a few years and Harrison becomes head chef at a City Cruises floating restaurant on the river Thames, creating dishes such as foie gras, lobster and beef wellington for his diners. Unfortunately, as with many others, this restaurant closed down due to the Covid lockdown. It was then the chef moved back to his hometown of Southport.

Now Harrison offers a private catering service & is running Bagel Bar seven days a week. We took a visit to the Bagel Bar on Lord Street and we were blown away by the flavours and the fillings. He offers a fillet steak bagel with a hot cheese sauce, a home-cured salmon gravlax bagel, among many others, and a freshly made soup of the day. It is not as extravagant as the fine dining dinners the chef is used to preparing, but we believe he has put all his heart and soul into the bagel ingredients as they are the tastiest things we’ve ever eaten! He does not cut corners and every bite was delicious!

The Bagel Bar is open daily 9am until 4pm; they offer meal deals, freshly ground artisan coffee and a range of pasta pots, drinks & snacks alongside the delicious bagels. It is a real treat on a cold winter’s day.

Please do check out the Bagel Bar, you won’t be disappointed.

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