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Remedy owner who changed career at 45 reveals plans for fourth coffee shop

Remedy owner who changed career at 45 reveals plans for fourth coffee shop
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As we celebrate International Women’s Day – Southport businesswoman Susannah Porter reveals plans for a fourth incarnation of her hugely popular licenced Remedy coffee shops.

But she insists her thriving businesses may have remained the stuff of dreams if she hadn’t taken the drastic decision to make a career change at 45 – a genuine wake up and smell the coffee moment.

Susannah, who is also chair of the Southport BID Board, had spent more than 20 years in marketing and then education said: “I can remember starting at colleges aged 26/27 and there was always one person in meetings being really negative and cynical all the time. I was sat in a meeting and realised that I was now that person.”

And the rest is history

Susannah made the leap and fast forward to 2022 she owns three Remedy cafes – the first opening in Lord Street in 2015, followed by a second in on Botanic Road in Churchtown Village in December 2017 and latte but not least a third within Beales department store which opened last year.

The cafes are defined by their distinct coffee – Susannah has her own blend –fresh sandwiches and gorgeous cakes and the fact they are all licensed premises, stocking top quality alcoholic beverages including a coveted range of gin.

Remedy in Lord Street. Picture: https://remedysouthport.co.uk/


In fact, Susannah believes Merseyside’s gin renaissance and gin now increasingly found on menus in Southport and beyond can in part be traced back to her Lord Street venue – with customers travelling far and wide to sample the 15 unique gins it offered in 2015.

Her husband Victor owns Southport Whisky Club and amid whisky supply problems would return from Scotland with various samples of craft gins.

And Susannah was anything but SLOE in spotting the opportunity

She said: “I’d like to say I’m a business guru, but it was a complete accident that Southport got a gin bar before everybody else.”

A fourth café at a location to be decided is in the pipeline and Susannah who employs 25 staff across the business urged other women to take the plunge and not let age be a barrier to follow their aspirations.

“It’s about a big leap of faith isn’t it. I should have done it 10 years earlier, it’s a hard business but I have not once regretted it.

“Yes, I would encourage other women to go for it as if you think what women do on a daily basis, juggling 25 things at one time, you can definitely run your own business.”

Age is no barrier

Susannah, 52, originally from Salford but who loves living in “beautiful Southport” – a town where her parents met and were married – added: “I was actually 45 when I started this (Remedy), but I think there’s a big thing for women at 50 – making big changes, you set off in a direction when you’re young, but you realise there’s so much more.

“Obviously there’s the thing about getting your child-bearing years all over and I wouldn’t have liked to be doing this with young children around.

“There’s a really big thing about women in the third stage of their lives doing amazing things.”

To find out more about Remedy visit the website HERE.


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