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Nostalgia Team Room reopens under new owners

Nostalgia Team Room reopens under new owners
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An iconic Victorian Southport town centre tea room has been saved by a Mum and daughter who fell in love with it as soon as they saw it.

The Nostalgia Tea Room, on Lord Street, is now thriving under its third owners, as Margaret and Rebecca Richardson enjoy welcoming the venue’s many regular customers.

Diners have much to look forward to – Rebecca, Margaret’s daughter, is an acclaimed chef, having worked as the Head Chef at The Midland Hotel in Manchester, and having worked with celebrity chef Gary Rhodes at Rhodes & Co at Trafford Park and then in London.

Nostalgia Tea Room is famous for its beautiful, first floor views with light-filled windows, allowing diners to sit and enjoy lovely views across the leafy Lord Street boulevard; for its waiting on staff wearing Victorian aprons and outfits; for its famous cream teas and scones; and for its delicious home-made breakfasts, meals and its home-made cakes that you can’t say no to. Rebecca and Margaret have been determined to keep all that is great about the business, while bringing about some small improvements of their own too – there is now much more choice available on the eatery’s new gluten free menu for example.

Rebecca hails from Salford while Margaret is originally from Wightinton in south Manchester, but they decided they wanted a fresh challenge, and a new life beside the seaside.

They love everything about Southport since arriving here. They initially moved here 18 months ago and bought The Vale House guest house on Talbot Street, but then called into Nostalgia Tea Rooms for breakfast one day – and were smitten.

At the time they did, the previous owners had announced that they were going, leaving the future of this established business, and a popular attraction for Lord Street, in doubt.

Rebecca said: “We came into Nostalgia Tea Room for breakfast one day, and we just fell in love with the place.

“We heard the owners were leaving, and we thought ‘we have got to save this place’.

“Two weeks later we decided to buy it!”

Rebecca and Margaret moved to Southport a year and a half ago, in November 2020. Life was very different then, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but life has been improving since then.

Covid restrictions have eased, cases have fallen dramatically, and big Southport events such as Southport Air Show and Southport Flower Show are returning.

Rebecca said: “We moved to Southport because we wanted to be near the seaside, and Southport is a beautiful town to live and work in.

“We love Manchester, but Manchester is very built up now, a little bit like London, and we wanted to be somewhere with a different quality of life.

“Now we are at Nostalgia Tea Room, we just want people to realise that we are open again. Some people out there think that this business has closed, but we are very much open!

“We have had lots of phone calls from people asking ‘is everything still the same’? Even from people asking if the furniture is still the same? People love it!

“We have some fantastic staff here. The backbone of the team is still here, including Abbie, Vicki and Nettie.

“We have kept the menus the same, and we are still famous for our cream teas. We are just making some small changes, such as making sure there is lots of choice on our new gluten free menu.

“We have some great specials which will change daily, and we are very busy at breakfast time.

“Some people think that Nostalgia Tea Room just does tea and cake, but we do really great breakfasts, and lots of home cooked meals as well.

“We prepare some great roast dinners, and are starting to serve those with my famous big, home made Yorkshire puddings!”

Margaret said: “We were really keen to keep everything here as it is. We loved the girls’ uniforms, and the Victorian traditions. We even still have all of the famous teapots along the shelves. “We love being on Lord Street. It is beautiful!

“At night, when all the trees are lit up – oh my Lord. It looks like a winter wonderland.

“It is good to see so much money being invested in Southport too at the moment. The new look Southport Market food hall has opened since we have been here, and they really are bringing lots of new businesses into Southport.

“I really think Southport is very up and coming.”

Vicki Sutton, who will have been working at Nostalgia Tea Room for 24 years this August, is delighted that Rebecca and Margaret have taken over.

She said: “I came here straight from school and I have been here ever since!

I am so happy that the Nostalgia Tea Room is still open.

“All the customers are really happy that this place has been saved.

“There are customers who have been coming here even before I started work here, this place is very popular! I spoke to some customers this morning who said they have been coming here for 25 years.

“It was only when we thought it might be closing that many people realised what a big and unique part of Southport that Nostalgia Tea Room is.

“There are not many places like this around the country.”

Rebecca and Margaret said: “We can’t wait to welcome our existing and new customers to the Nostalgia Tea Room.”

Nostalgia Tea Room is at 215-217 Lord Street, Southport town centre. Phone 01704 501294 or email: nostalgiatroomlordstreet@hotmail.com. You can also follow Nostalgia Tea Room on Facebook and nostalgia_tearooms on Instagram.

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  1. Thank goodness Nostalgia is still in business. When we realised it was closing we were very disappointed to say the least. Me and my hubby Mike have only lived here in Southport for eight years but used to visit relatives and often called in for lunch. Since living here though we pretty much come in every week. There is no other place like Nostalgia in Southport in our opinion.
    So glad the decor ect is staying the same too. So let us wish Margaret and Rebecca good luck and continued success.

    Margaret and Mike xx

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