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A customer on the Hungry Monk’s Trip Advisor put it better than we ever could…”It shouldn’t work, but it really does! I had seen this place on TripAdvisor when visiting friends last week. My girlfriend and I were hungry, and we walked past. We went as a walk-in, and firstly noticed the decor. The place makes no sense at all. It’s crazy. The place is a big jumbled mess, but you can’t help but love it. The menu is the same. A full A3 sheet of options, we were almost intimidated by the choice. And the food came. And it was served in multiple baskets/tins/colanders. We weren’t optimistic. But we shouldn’t have worried. Despite all the odds, the food was incredible. Well-cooked, generous portions of fresh food. My burger was cooked medium-well, and the pulled pork on it was superb. The beer as well, Dortmunder Pils! It’s usually really specialist bars in big cities that serve this, but here it was. Unpretentious. Unhinged. And Totally Unpredicted. Come here, and just embrace it.”

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12pm - 5pm


12pm - 5pm


12pm - 9pm


12pm - 9pm


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12pm - 11.30pm


12pm - 5.30pm

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