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Discover a world of music at Legacy Records

Discover a world of music at Legacy Records
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Legacy Records is hoping to make some noise about this year’s Independents Day UK.

The venue just off Tulketh Street in Southport town centre is among scores of local, independent shops and businesses which will be celebrating this year’s occasion, with the support from Southport BID.

The Legacy Records store offers shoppers a huge collection of more than 60,000 items at any one time, with more in storage.

It is owned by Alex Southgate.

He said: “The vinyl shop was founded as GS Vinyl back in 2008 by my father.

“He built up a customer base over a period of five years through little more than word of mouth and was well liked and respected by the record collecting community.

“Sadly he passed away in 2017 and I took over, renaming the shop Legacy Records in his memory.

“We aren’t your average record shop in that Legacy Records is more of a library than it is a standard music store.

“Our collection is huge, standing at around 60,000 items in the shop at all times, with more in storage.

“As new albums are coming in daily, everything needs to be laid out alphabetically; which creates a totally different experience for our customers.

“Having everything lined neatly on shelves as opposed to in trays and boxes also encourages people to talk to each other.

“We are very community spirited and all of our customers get to know one another. Not a day passes without conversation about music both new and old.

“It’s a space where friendships are always being made and newcomers are always welcomed warmly. Whatever your age or taste, if you love music you’ll easily fit in with us.

“To add a special touch I operate a personal shopping service from the store. I keep running lists of what people are looking for and actively shop for them for items that I don’t have or might not acquire easily.

“When I get to know your taste I’ll also pick other items for you based on your likes. This way I’ll be able to help you craft your collection personally. Plus, I enjoy doing it!

“We are doing all we can now to get the word out about our slightly hidden little gem.

“We want Legacy Records to become something much bigger than my father could have hoped for and a name that Southport can be proud to say belongs in the town.”

Independents’ Day is a national campaign that takes place on the weekend of July 2nd-3rd.  It’s a great excuse to make the extra effort to spend some time with your favourite local Independent venues.

Legacy Records is at 18 Tulketh Street, Southport town centre. Call: 07586 286942.


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