Southport’s Oldest Independents

Southport was founded in 1792 when one William Sutton opened a small hotel where Lord Street and Duke Street meet. The town slowly flourished from there and shops and houses were built, creating what became the now iconic Lord Street.   Independent businesses have always flourished in the town, with Southport enjoying a reputation for […]

Time for a weekend treat

Not sure what day it is right now? Well the weekend is upon us! Another week in lockdown is done. It is time to reward yourself and banish the quarantine blues.   Whether you are planning an indulgent night in pjs for one, a nights rest for parents at their wits end or a Zoom […]

Self-Care in Lockdown

With the recent announcement of the lockdown potentially lasting until mid-May, it is important to make sure we keep looking after our physical and mental well being.   Many of us will be worrying about how forced solitude will be effecting our families anxiety (or the opposite and being trapped with small children 24/7). But […]