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20 Questions with Michelle Caswell from Season Coffee, Bar & Kitchen

20 Questions with Michelle Caswell from Season Coffee, Bar & Kitchen
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Answering our 20 Questions today is Michelle Caswell, who opened the stunning Season Coffee, Bar & Kitchen on King Street in Southport town centre last year.

The venue, directly opposite Southport Market, sells craft beers and delicious food for all seasons.

The family-run, independent business is another exciting addition to Southport’s Market Quarter. Lots of work has gone into it since taking over the former Coral Bookmakers which stood empty for nearly six years.

Floral decorations adorn the building to reflect the great British seasons and provide a stylish, laid-back atmosphere for customers.

Season Coffee, Bar & Kitchen is at 14-16 King Street, Southport.

Follow the Season Coffee, Bar & Kitchen page on Facebook here; or on Instagram here.


1 – Name? Michelle. (After The Beatles song)

2 – Job Title? Manager / Boss Lady 

3 – What type of business is it? Coffee shop, tasty bites, homemade cakes, craft beers, wines and spirits 

4 – When did the business open? September 2021

5 – Three words that describe your leadership style: Firm, fair and a little bit bossy (only sometimes, promise)

6 – Favourite part of the job? Meeting new customers and coming up with fun ideas

7 – Challenges you have overcome? Complete change and leaving my teaching career behind

8 – Biggest achievements in work? Turning an empty shop of six years into a beautiful, comfy, cozy space

9 – Biggest achievements away from work? Bringing my son, Owen, up to be a polite, hardworking, gorgeous, all round, young man

10 – Three things that are crucial to a business’s success? Hard work, dedication and patience

11 – What is your priority for 2022? Making our business a success whilst being able to look after my family

12 – How do you unwind? Wine, beer, music, dancing, gym and chilling with my boys

13 – What songs are on your playlist at the moment? I have 1000s of songs on my playlists. My fave at the moment is “Tell Me Something Good” by Ewan McVicar

14 – What do you love about Southport? The restaurants, the bars, the people, the beach and the sun in summer

15 – What is your hidden talent? My strength

16 – What word sums up your philosophy? Happiness

17 – Name two other Southport businesses you like and why? Hard one because there’s so many, but Urban Attic (love Katie and Ste) and Tap and Bottles – love the beer

18 – Favourite film? Dumb and Dumber

19 – If you could bring one thing to Southport what would it be? An old skool, underground, house music club (for the over 40s) sorry not sorry

20 – Why should we shop local? To support the town, the local people, independents and to keep us all going

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