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20 Questions with Alex Kenny, Chief Marketing Officer at Fletchers Solicitors

20 Questions with Alex Kenny, Chief Marketing Officer at Fletchers Solicitors
20 Questions

In today’s 20 Questions hot seat is Alex Kenny, the Chief Marketing Officer at Fletchers Solicitors in Southport.

Alex Kenny took up his role earlier this year from his previous position of Executive Director of Strategy and Marketing.

Alex has worked at Fletchers for 18 years and has led the firm’s marketing for the last nine years. He created and launched Fletchers’ consumer brand, Patient Claim Line, and was the first legal marketer to secure a sponsorship deal with ITV. In 2017, he was selected for a Marketing Academy Scholarship. Alex has played a key role in the growth of the firm, both as a marketer and a member of the management team, helping grow the business from 90 people to more than 500.

1 – Name?   Alex Kenny

2 – Job Title?   Chief Marketing Officer

3 – What type of business is it?   Law Firm

4 – When did the business open?   1987

5 – Three words that describe your leadership style:   Encouragement, recognition, accountability

6 – Favourite part of the job? The fact no two days are ever the same

7 – Challenges you have overcome? Steering the business through COVID (50% of our business was road traffic accident cases, at a time when traffic had dropped by 90%!)

8 – Biggest achievements in work? Becoming the first law firm to secure a sponsorship deal with ITV, and being part of the team that grew Fletchers from 90 people to over 500.

9 – Biggest achievements away from work?  Being one of only 30 people (from over 400 applicants) to be selected for a 12 month scholarship with The Marketing Academy, and being asked to travel around Iran speaking about Marketing and Tourism in 2015.

10 – Three things that are crucial to a business’s success:  Good people, working in a great culture, with a mission that everyone has bought into.

11 – What is your priority for 2022?   In work – Kickstart our new 5 year vision with our new owners and make a success of my new role. Outside of work – Get back travelling again now the world is unlocking!

12 – How do you unwind?   I play guitar, listen to music, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Yoga, and I try to get away with my wife for a good meal in a fun city whenever time allows.

13 – What songs are on your playlist at the moment?   Usually anything classic rock & metal! The new album by Ghost is top of the list at the moment.

14 – What do you love about Southport?   Drinks with my friends when the weather is great – Southport gets a real buzz about it when the sun comes out, and I have a great circle of friends that I grew up with in the town.  

15 – What is your hidden talent?   I’m a certified Scuba Diver

16 – What word sums up your philosophy?   Positivity

17 – Name two other Southport businesses you like and why?   I should give a shoutout to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school based at the Warehouse Gym on Virginia Street. Lucio is a multiple time world champion and I often pinch myself that he somehow wound up with a school in little Southport!   I also think the new Southport Market is superb, a real success story filled with local sellers, and done in a way that found a modern way to use an outdated building / concept. We need more of that in Southport and town centres generally.

18 – Favourite film?   Total Recall

19 – If you could bring one thing to Southport what would it be?   A new concept for Chapel Street.

20 – Why should we shop local?   You’ll usually get something different from a local business – whether it’s unique and interesting food, or a personal and friendly service from someone who knows what they’re doing.

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